Canadian Particle Astrophysics Research Centre

Strategic Goals

To ensure the highest level of international excellence, the Canadian Particle Astrophysics Research Centre (CPARC) will:

  • Expand on the scientific culture at Queen’s University and its partner institutions by building a powerful and integrated team working on all aspects of particle astrophysics including the SNOLAB experimental program, astroparticle and astrophysics theory, related observational astrophysics, cosmology, detector development and low background techniques.
  • Create an integrated research team with the critical mass and skills required to prepare and lead the next generation of increasingly challenging experiments. This will attract international scientists and technology along with the capital and operational funding necessary to allow one or more global-scale next-generation detectors to be hosted at SNOLAB.
  • Help obtain maximal scientific output from the suite of experiments that are currently operational or under development at SNOLAB by hiring key additional personnel, strengthening international collaborations, and engaging the broadened scientific community in the undertaking.
  • Actively collaborate with industry to facilitate knowledge transfer and subsequent innovation.
  • Embed students at all stages of their careers in this enhanced scientific culture, developing their experimental and foundational theory skills while creating training opportunities through linkages to colleges, industries, and international exchange programs.
  • Engage non-expert audiences, including the general public and high school students and teachers, in SNOLAB research through programs such as a Queen’s University visitor centre, public lectures and workshops for high school students and teachers.