Canadian Particle Astrophysics Research Centre

Student Opportunities: CPARC is Looking for Students Like You!

Graduate Recruitment Webinar

We invite you to find out more about graduate studies at CPARC @ Queen’s!!

Our graduate recruitment webinar has come and gone, but you can watch a recording of our presentations here! Watch it now and find out what CPARC and Queen’s Physics can do for you!

Graduate Student Opportunities

CPARC will provide extraordinary opportunities for graduate students, with a large ramp up of activity in particle astrophysics at world leading institutions in the field. You can be a part of this exciting program!

CPARC intends to provide a generous amount of support for graduate students located at each of the institutions. Largely these will be in support of the new faculty members at those institutions, but not exclusively. These will be new positions above what is already a considerable population in the community. There will be numerous positions available, both funded through CPARC and via the normal channels. The following CPARC and CPARC-affiliated faculty members are actively looking for graduate students!

Check out the following brochure for more info on their research interests!

You are also encouraged to visit the research pages of the various institutions to see who is working on experiments or programs of interest to you. Most professors in this field seem to be rather bad at keeping their own websites up to date, but that shouldn't deter you, they almost always have openings for strong interested students. A student that seeks out a professor to discuss opportunities is seen as an enthusiastic student!

We are also developing plans for an enriched graduate student experience. This includes programs with:

  • An international exchange program for Ph.D. students. In addition to providing opportunities for Canadian students to spend 3 – 6 months abroad working in a foreign lab with potential collaborators, the program will bring international students to Canadian institutions and SNOLAB.
  • Specialized graduate courses available to all students at participating universities across Canada are foreseen. These will include modules at partner universities where particular expertise resides, in addition to participation at SNOLAB, and with non-academic partners.
  • The opportunity to participate in education and outreach activities, industry collaborations and internships, and inter-departmental research.
  • A substantial increase in the intellectual life of the departments, with the addition of new faculty (theorists and experimentalists), a closer tie with astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology, partnership with labs and institutions across Canada, and cross-disciplinary appointments that will build a strong community with the wherewithal to develop all aspects of the scientific program.

As they become available, we will post information about opportunities above, but your first approach should be to start corresponding with potential faculty members at each of the institutions first. That is your first line of action.

Links to departments participating in CPARC with potential openings for graduate students

Undergraduate Student Opportunities

One of the goals at CPARC is to provide opportunities for students at all stages of their careers. Our Education and Outreach Officer will establish and coordinate these programs. What we had in mind initially for undergraduates was to provide opportunities for work and education including:

  • Financial support for undergraduate students, and in particular for students early in their careers when it is difficult to find work as a consequence of having little relevant experience. We anticipate having some positions of this nature already in the summer of 2017.
  • An industrial internship program. This will provide financial support to students interested in summer work with industrial partners working in areas of relevance to the particle astrophysics program. These internship programs will be developed by the education and outreach officer.
  • Summer schools in particle astrophysics at a level appropriate for 3rd/4th year undergraduates.
  • The chance to be a part of the CPARC team on both the research and administration sides through SWEP and Work-Study positions.

More information will be posted here when it is available. We recognize that students need to be making firm plans by the end of February. Note that the summer positions funded through CPARC are in addition to those normally available at the various institutions each summer.